Wobblers are card stock products that come with plastic strips that allow you to attach them to just about any surface. They wobble in front of your consumers, on your shelves, on your counter, on your bar, on your door.


We print and design a wide range of books from Company Profiles to Annual Reports. We make custom designs to suit the out look of the company.

Folded leaflets

An interesting form of advertising leaflets are also folded leaflets. They perform the same function as normal flyers but can contain much more information. The most popular options for typesetting are“U”and “Z”.


One of the most effective forms of advertising is a static poster. Placing it in the public space plays an important role of information and advertising. We offer our clients a variety of formats from A3 to B1. At the individual request of clients it is possible to print in larger formats.


A popular tool for marketing and advertising are leaflets. Through various types of distribution channels they reach broad audiences and are an important source of acquiring customers. We offer a wide range of leaflets on a variety of formats and our own graphic design studio makes our leaflets arouse interest to the public. We print our issues from the A7 to A4 size.

Business cards

It is difficult to imagine our relationship in the modern business world without a business card. Although it has a small size, it contains a wealth of information and allows you to create the image of any company. For our clients, we offer a business card in a very good quality, single or double sided. Our graphic design studio will develop a design that allows your company to stand out from the crowd. We offer different types of refining business cards i.e. foils, varnishes, selective varnishes UV, etc.


Letterhead acts as a relay of basic contact data about your company, but is mainly used for correspondence with clients and for the company documentation. Using the company’s stationery dramatically improves their image, and also has a positive effect on the perception of the company as vibrant and modern. This type of paper is offered in a basic weight of 90g, on request we can apply a higher weight. The minimum issue in digital print technology is 50 pieces, and in offset printing technology the minumum is 250 pieces.


Our offer includes very practical for daily office work company notepads, thanks to which you can pass advertising and promotional information. These products are mainly printed on offset paper with a weight of 80-100g, glued on the top edge of the cardboard back. All of our notepads contain the company contact information, logos, etc. in accordance with the individual needs of clients. The most frequently suggested formats are from A6 to A4.


The use of different kinds of folders can be used to consolidate the company’s brand on the market. The most commonly used are bid folders, as a form of protection for commercial documents and marketing materials. Depending on the purpose and needs, we offer a folder with increased volume and thickness of the back. For increased durability and aesthetics, we can use a number of finishes in the form of surface coating with a dispersion varnish, we can use the foliation (mate or gloss) or lay selective UV varnish, which will expose selected graphic elements.

Commercial printing

Do you run your own business and often need job printing? They are also used in schools, accounting departments and numerous offices. If you have had trouble finding specialized documents necessary for your company, we have the solution. We offer prints adapted to the requirements of administration, banking, construction, accounting offices, as well as patterns of invoices, bills, personnel documents and many others.We have everything you may need in one place. Browse our offer, in case of doubt, please contact us.


Stickers are an excellent form of advertising.Whether they are stickers for children or logos handed out at jamborees and fairs, they'll serve their purpose by constant contact with the customer. Stickers also are used in technical processes-as warning or describing stickers. Our stickers, thanks to the use of OPOS cutting become unique in their appearance and therefore stand out among other stickers


Our company deals with printing on the packaging of cardboard. It is perfect as packaging for promotional items, greetings, food, gifts, etc. products test series. We produce packaging exclusively at clients’orders. We offer making models - the price and completion date depend on the number and the variant of the selected packaging.


Industry catalogues are an important element in building the image of the company and they mostly include descriptions of products or services. Our company has an offer of printing of catalogues in various of the company and they mostly include descriptions of products or formats and,depending on the volume of pages catalogues can be sewn or glued. Catalogues as stitched booklets are in sizes from DL to A4 in the volume of pages from 8 to 60, and catalogues with glued spine from 48 pages to 256. Thickpaper (mattorgloss) isused toprint catalogues in weight from 130 to 300g.

Christmas and other cards

Our company enables the production of company both seasonal cards and commemorative ones. Thanks to such a card, you can notify about an important event in your company, an occasional meeting or a jubilee. They can be used as postcards for example with a picture of your business premises, corporate Christmas cards or invitations.


Oneof the most important elements of advertising is product appearance.The consumer,deciding to purchase particular product, is usually guided by emotions that are triggered by appropriately selected colours for the product. Our company has rich experience in both designing and printing a wide variety of labels for many manufacturing industries. We offer self-adhesive labels on paper or foil, matt or glossy, digital and offset printed.


The role of planning and organization of our daily life has become our second nature, so calendars play a major role. In our offer even a picky client will find a wide range of calenders in books forms, to be placed on a wall and desktop ones. We propose calendars in a varietyof formats tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Book calendars come in sizes up to A4 pocket, and wall ones up to B1 format.


In the age of mass communication company printed envelopes are the first impression and the advertising message about the sender. On many advertising materials interesting and professional printing attracts attention and allow to stand out. We offer corporate envelopes in a variety of formats, rich colours,printed single and double-sided. Allow to stand out in the flood of mass mailings!

Printing services

We print, fold, glue, bind and create for you all that offset and digital printing offers, whether it is a simple business card, flyer or catalogue, and perhaps you need to have non-standard documents in your company to make records of trade in goods, finance or other things? You are in the right place.