QR Code

Hologram QR code sticker provides the product with a unique identification. This is a good way to advertise, authenticate, track & trace products, and effectively eliminate counterfeit products.

Tamper Void

Tamper evident label is a kind of self adhesive material based on plastic film,copperplate paper or synthetic paper liner with special printing.Tamper evident design or words seting in advance will be separated and show when the label is peel off,that is,the interface between label surface material and the surface of object will be obviously and structurally destoryed,and then tamper evident words like “VOID” or “OPEN” appear,so that the object stay safe in sight.

Scratch Card

Scratch hologram is widely used to cover Pin codes for the banking , mobile cards, discount coupons, password, etc on mobile card, member shipment card, lottery, ticket, bank document, etc, for high security purposes. The hologram image improves security ability of scratch coating greatly instead of normal scratch coating which is used for mobile cash cards or gift coupons usually.


Transparent holographic stickers are an effective combination of high brightness and security. The clear PET material ensures easy reading of product information below the hologram. In order to meet various customers’ requirements, our company can also provide stickers in other colors, such as silver holograms.


Laser hologram stickers are specially designed for security and promotional purposes, mainly for anti-counterfeiting. Because the manufacturing process is a bit difficult and requires high-resolution dot matrix equipment, when many counterfeiters see such 3d laser hologram image on your products, this can deter them to a certain extent. Because the cost of fraud is too high to be worth it.

Die Cut Sticker

The sticker is one of many hologram stickers 3d, the whole point of such a sticker is to make products harder to counterfeit. For customers, the absence of the die-cut hologram sticker is evidence of it not being genuine. Apart from anti-counterfeit, it offers a shiny visual appearance to your existing packaging.

Authentic Hologram Sticker

t can be pasted on packaging items for promotion and appropriate security protection. To improve security, you can print your own logo, serial number, and text on the circle authentic holographic sticker for use in different industries. If you want a higher level of security, you can choose complete custom made hologram stickers. We are professional in custom design, it will make your product more difficult to counterfeit.

Genuine Sticker

There is a Genuine character on the holographic sticker, which uses a dioptric relief effect to present the stereo effect, make you feel that Genuine is floating. In the combination of sand silver, it presents a very strong stereo effect, creating an attractive effect for your packaging.

Security printing

This is an innovative printing process besides hologram stamping technology and CMKY printing technology. Combining the advantages of the both which enriches the diversity of the label technology, making the label surface more exquisite and more security.